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Wrought Iron Railings 003

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Wrought Iron Railings 003

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Wrought Iron Railings 003


Wrought Iron Railings 003

Front Outdoor Stoop Railings:

We can make curved glass, etched glass, color etched glass, stainless steel cables, Iron, Wrought Iron to be either traditional or contemporary. If you can imagine it we can make it.

We can use aluminum rail, wrought iron rail, glass rail, steel rail, and other materials.

Railings are made out of aluminum, wrought Iron, stainless steel or brass. Wrought Iron can be weather proofed with a zinc coating to prolong the life.

Aluminum does not rust. Stainless steel stains less. There is sometimes a little bit of browning. Brass turns green (tarnishes). You can treat it with clear coat bit if it gets scratched.

Free Estimates – It is important to first see the job because there are several variables including the material and how elaborate the job is. Different stoop materials are more or less fragile. The stoop could crack if it is slate or other more sensitive materials. The railing might need to be mounted on the outside to prevent cracking.
There are several factors you need to consider when choosing a railing for outdoor use:

Durability – It is important to use materials that will withstand the pressures and weight that railings are subject to. Railings are safety features to prevent people from falling. They also provide a sturdy grip for people when they walk down the stairs. Metal is an excellent and popular railing materials. Metals include Steel, Wrought Iron, Stainless Steel, Brass, and Aluminum. There are many grades, variations, combinations and finishes that can be used to make your railing unique and attractive.

Materials and Maintenance – Certain materials are more maintenance free then others. Iron and steel could rust if it is not protected and maintained. Aluminum tends to be more maintenance free and brass will tarnish and requires constant polishing. Stainless steel stains less but tends to be more expensive. Steel can also be metalized with zinc to help it last longer.

Longevity – The life of any outdoor metal depends on the material, the environment, the finish applied such as paint and primer, vs powder coating to name a few. If a home is right on the water (especially salt) there are more corrosive environmental factors at work. Solo Iron works will consult with you and make recommendations based on your specific requirements.

Cost – Many people just want a railing that will look OK and keep people from falling. Other people want an expressive piece of art that communicates that quality, originality and details are important to the homeowner. We can help anyone to get the best railing for their budget.

The look and feel: Do you want traditional or contemporary? What will match the style of the house? Many people use wrought Iron for Colonial homes.

Do you like the modern clean lines of Pipe railing or Glass Railings? Do you like the traditional look of Wrought Iron?

Lower maintenance with a traditional look.
Obviously, if you like the look of Wrought Iron we can use Wrought Iron but as me mentioned above, aluminum could be longer lasting and more maintenance free. Some aluminum bars are fabricated to look just like Wrought Iron. This gives you the look of wrought iron railings without the maintenance concerns of eventually rusting.

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